General information 

Kechayas is located in Denmark and is owned by Kechayas Aps.

VAT No: 43994492

Telephone: +45 25 56 34 34





Prices at are given in Euro including VAT when you are on the Danish version of the website.



Kechayas ApS accepts payment with VISA, VISA Electron, Apple Pay, Mastercard and through bank transfers. The payment will only be debited from your account once the order is dispatched.

Reservations are made for price errors and sold out/discontinued items.

​Payment Method

You can pay online with the following:

- VISA-Dankort


- VISA Electron

- Mastercard



Miscellaneous payment information

​If you choose to pay by card, you are always protected from misuse. You have the option of rejecting a payment when you receive your payment summary. There are no risks that your card would be misused in an online store like ours, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system.

You choose the payment method when you place your order.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


Security during payment

​An online store has no access to your card number when you pay and can only withdraw the amount you specify - or less - only once, and there is no option to withdraw the amount.

Your entered card number will not be stored anywhere after the transaction.

If you pay by credit card, you are always protected against misuse. You have the option of rejecting a payment when you receive your payment summary. You have no deductible in the event that your card is misused in an internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. This way, you are better protected than in the physical world, where you have an excess of DKK 1,200 when your Dankort is misused by using the pin code. There are strict requirements in terms of both ethics and security from NETS/PBS, in order to be approved as an online store and be allowed to receive card payments over the internet


Delivery & Pick up

Kechayas ApS aims to dispatch orders between 8-12 weeks, unless otherwise stated.

We ship to all of Europe. If the desired country cannot be selected, please send a request by email to, and we will solve it. Shipping prices depending on location. Goods will be delivered to the delivery address, or nearest delivery point.

NOTE: If there is no space at the delivery address, the package will be moved to the nearest delivery point, which you will be notified of. If you encounter problems, please contact customer service.

Special delivery conditions apply to certain goods. The conditions will be specifically stated prior to the purchase of such goods.

Please note that during busy periods, delivery times may be longer.

Right of complaint

A two-year right of complaint is granted in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act (købeloven).

This right applies to defects in material and/or manufacture. Depending on the specific situation, you can have the product exchanged, your money returned or a reduction in the price. 

The right of complaint does not cover any errors or damage caused by incorrect handling of the product. You must complain in "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect/error. will cover return costs to a reasonable extent.

In the event of a complaint, return or if you invoke your right of cancellation, you must first contact anotherchair by email.


The goods are then sent to:

Martin Kechayas

Frederiksborgvej 9

2400 Copenhagen Nv


Telephone: +45 25 56 34 34




In case of reimbursement, please include bank details in the form of bank number and account number so that the agreed amount can be transferred.

This information can be disclosed without risk per email or other electronic means, as it is not sensitive information and will only be used for our fulfilment of the refund.


There is 14 days’ full right of return on products purchased via our online store.

The period is calculated from the day on which you receive the product.

Get the last item in physical possession when it comes to an agreement on several different items, ordered in one order, but delivered individually or in several rounds.

Get the last batch or last part in physical possession when it comes to agreement of delivery of goods consisting of several lots/parts.

The first item in physical possession in the case of regular delivery of goods over a specified period.

Return costs must be borne by you. Cancellation must be reported to us no later than 14 days after the purchase, and from the cancellation, you must return the shipment within 14 days.

The notice must be given by email to

In the notice, you must clearly state that you wish to make use of your right of cancellation. If you want to send the product back to us, you must fill in the enclosed Return Form and send the item to:

Martin Kechayas

Frederiksborgvej 2400 Copenhagen Nv Denmark

You cannot regret by simply refusing to receive the item without giving clear notice.

Products excluded from the right of cancellation

The following product types are not included in the right of cancellation:

Products that are manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or have a clear personal touch.

Sealed goods which, for health protection or hygiene reasons, are not suitable for return and where the seal is broken after delivery.

Goods which, due to their nature, become inextricably mixed with others upon delivery.

Items where the seal is broken.

Performed non-financial services if the provision of the service has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and recognition that the right of cancellation ceases when the service is fully completed.

Delivery of digital content, which is not delivered on a physical medium, if the execution has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and recognition thereof, that he or she thereby loses his or her right of cancellation.

Newspapers, magazines or periodicals, however, excluding subscription agreements for such publications.

Agreements entered into a public auction.

Goods that deteriorate or become obsolete quickly.



You must return your order without undue delay no later than 14 days after you have used your right of withdrawal. You must bear the direct costs of returning. Upon return, you are responsible for the item being properly packed. You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. The expedition goes faster if you also fill in and enclose our Cancellation Form.

You bear the risk of the item from the time of delivery of the item until we have received the return.

We do not accept packages sent as cash on delivery.

The condition of the item upon return

You are only liable for any deterioration in the value of the item, which is due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the item’s nature, properties, and the way in which it works. In other words, you can try the item as if you were trying it in a physical store.

If the item has been tested in addition to that described above, it is considered used. This means that upon cancellation of the purchase, you only get part or none of the purchase amount returned, depending on the commercial value of the item at the time of receipt. To receive the entire purchase amount back, you must therefore try out the item without actually using it.


Privacy policy

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us and shop on our website, we need the following information about you:




Telephone number

Email address 


Information about what you bought 

We process your personal information for the purpose of being able to deliver the item to you and to be able to process inquiries regarding your purchase.

The processing takes place according to the rules in our personal data policy for ApS. Here you can read more about how your information is processed, when it is deleted and what rights you have as a data subject. 


Complaints – overview and links

All products at Kechayas are quality products, and as a starting point of the highest quality. An error or a defect in a product may occur occasionally, and in such an event, you must, of course, contact us.

If you want to complain about your purchase, you must first contact anotherchair by phone or email. If the item is to be returned to us, it must be delivered to our address:

Martin Kechayas

Frederiksborgvej 9

2400 Copenhagen Nv


Telephone: +45 25 56 34 34



If you have a complaint about a product purchased in our online store, you can send a complaint to:

The Competition and Consumer Agency Center for Complaints Solutions (Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning)

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35

2500 Valby



If you are a consumer residing in another EU country, you can register your complaint in the EU Commission's online complaint platform.

The platform can be found here:

If you submit a complaint here, you must provide our email address:

Kind Regards